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Collar Covers

Collar covers

Collar Covers and Neck Scrunchies!! Available in any of our material!

Collar covers are a great alternative for pets who won’t wear a bandana, or to cover that old ugly collar. The collar cover slips over your pet’s collar like a sleeve; they’re very easy to change!

Neck Scrunchies are just the solution for those Pet's that don't wear Collars, but you want to decorate their neck area. Our Comfy Scrunchies stretch out to easily slip over your pets neck. They can be made to fit using your pets neck measurement!
Cover & Scrunchie Size Price
X-Small 1 - 6 pounds 16" long, by 1 1/2" wide $6.00
Small 7 - 15 pounds 20" long by 1.75" wide $8.00
Medium 16 - 25 pounds 22" long by 2.25" wide $10.00
Large 26 - 40 pounds 26" long by 2.25" wide $12.00
X-Large 41 - 60 pounds 30" long by 2.75" wide $14.00
XX-Large 61 - 95 pounds 34" long by 2.75" wide $16.00
XXX-Large 96 pounds & up varies by size $18.00

Buy 4 Collar Covers or Scrunchies, and get another one for FREE.

Larger Sizes Available upon request.

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You can get a matching Bandana for any item we sell! You have your choice of 3 bandana styles! Velcro, Collar, or the original Tie Bandana!!!

Collar Bandana The Velcro Bandana has small strips of velcro on the end to go easily around your dogs neck. This should come apart easily if the bandana is caught on something.

For the Collar Bandana, you just slip your collar through the top of the bandana and snap it on your dog. Quick and easy to get on and off! Just enough style to add class to your dogs look! Great for walks or showing off your pet to your friends!

The original Tie Bandana is shaped like a triangle. You simply fit it to your dogs neck, and tie. You can tie it in front or back and wear it either way. All Bandanas are the same price. Just be sure to tell me which type you want.
Bandana Size Price
X-Small 1 - 6 pounds $10.00
Small 7 - 15 pounds $12.00
Medium 16 - 25 pounds $14.00
Large 26 - 40 pounds $16.00
X-Large 40 - 60 pounds $18.00
XX-Large 61 - 95 pounds $20.00
XXX-Large 96 pounds & up $24.00

Buy 5 or more Bandana's, and get 1 of those bandana's for Free.

Please be specific when ordering if you want a Velcro, Collar, or Tie Bandana.

Note: X-Large is for people too! You can get your dog & yourself matching Bandana's!

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